27 November 2017

November Ms Flow Parcel 2017

Hey Ladies

How has your November been?
We at Ms Flow have been very busy planning our last box of the year.
We also have some exciting new announcements to share with you all…soon to be revealed in the weeks to come.

We really hope you enjoyed your jam-packed November boxes. Heres a little review of what was featured last month.

Daisy & Dam - Coconut & Lucuma Organic Dark Chocolate

Doisy and Dam, wholly reject the idea that healthy chocolate equates to boring chocolate. They  use sweet coconut and naturally caramel flavoured lucuma to create these rich and exotic, but organic and healthy chocolate bars. Suitable for chocoholics, but also suitable for vegans.

SoapNskin - Lavender & Lime with Calendula Oil Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts

Bliss is just a soak away... Himalayan salts are naturally rich in minerals known to promote a healthy pH balance, improve circulation and detoxify the body. Lavender oil helps calm and soothe the skin. When combined, these essential oils work in synergy together helping to uplift the senses and relax tired muscles.

This month’s Ms Flow soy candle is scented with warming ginger and a touch of sweet citrus lime. Essential oils blended together to create a warm cosy environment, perfect for cold evening. Our candles burn clean for up to 10 hours.
Anatomicals - Shower To The People Lime Shower Gel 

A double espresso or a teeth-shatteringly cold shower will definitely shock our system enough to wake us up – but we prefer to ease into our mornings with this invigorating, yet still gentle, body wash. Free from parabens, sulphates, and other chemical nasties, the uplifting lime scent kicks your morning off on an energising note that everyone will love.

a multi-purpose highlighter pencil packed with shimmering particles to add sparkle on top of your regular lipsticks, illuminate yours eyes, brows and cheeks - pretty much anywhere you wish to add a glow. The creamy formula is buildable and easy to blend, to add as much or as little shimmer as you desire

Unusual we know, but a must try! This amazing 3D Silicone Sponger doesn’t suck up all your makeup, blends with perfection, and washed and cleaned in seconds. Use with a light tapping motion and expect to use half the amount of make up you usually use. Perfect to apply foundation, highlight or blend contour perfectly.

Silky golden camomile, exotic vanilla pods, and a golden balm of manuka honey…a soothing dip in an organic pool of calm. Relax unwind and enjoy each sip.
We hope you indulged in your November parcels

Have a lovely month and keep warm


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