18 October 2017

Happy World Menopause Day


We have an exciting new announcement to share with you all.

We are proud to launch the UK's first 'Ms Flow Menopause Box'

Approximately 13 million women in the U.K are either peri - or post-menopausal. Over 60% off all woman experience symptoms resulting in behavioural changes. 1 in 4 women will experience severe debilitating symptoms. Woman can start experiencing menopausal symptoms as young as 40.

Our focus at Ms Flow is female well being and health. We want to support and bring about more awareness on what menopause is and what it means. We want to support the strong women suffering with menopausal symptoms.

Therefore, we have introduced a ‘Menopause box’ to help ease some of the many symptoms woman endure during menopause which can last up to 15 long years.

Every month we will feature a different range of products to help relieve and ease menopause.

This month’s October Edition, has a content value of over £50, and is available to be ordered for yourself or for a special woman in your life for only £20 in our online shop buy now!

Want to know whats in the box? Check out our post with more details on the contents. 
-Warning spoiler alert-

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  1. A post which has been shared boldly about happy world menopause day. Many changes in behavior is expected. Thank you for bringing to our notice some