27 September 2017

August Ms Flow Parcel 2017

Hi Ladies

We hope you’ve had an amazing August!

Our August parcel features a number of products collated together to help you unwind relax and get away. We know how our periods can interfere with our sleep. We all know that restless fidgety and sleepless feeling. Ms Flow have found a range of products to tackle just that.

Our First feature this month is from an amazing brand called Space Mask. This brilliant brand has created amazing light blocking eye masks which heat up when they come into contact with the air. At first this may seem or sound unusual but we promise you it’s absolutely amazing. The masks warm and heat up for up to 15 minutes, and are infused with Jasmine to help whisk you away to a carefree world. You can use these mid-day to help you unwind. But we recommend using before bed, we’ve never slept so soundly. The 15 minutes of warmth helps sooth and relax, your body and mind, helping you drift into a calm sleep.

 Before heading to bed why not run a warm hot bath with Shimmer and Luxe Celestial Unicorn Bath Bonbon Melt. These beautiful bath melts are enriched with moisturising and nourishing cocoa butter and scented with floral scent with hints of sweet comforting plums and peaches. Perfect to relax and unwind before bed.

This month tea is a calming chamomile and spearmint infusion empowered with Valerian root, from Heath & Heather, this particular tea is called ‘Night Time’.  Valerian root is a herb that been used to treat anxiety and restlessness for centuries. Heath & heather teas are 100% organic and aim to support well-being.

Our sweet treat this month is from Belinda Clark, and amazing chocolatier, who has created a luxurious ganache Belgium milk chocolate on a spoon drink. Simply stir into warm milk top with marshmallows snuggle up on the sofa with a cosy blanket and enjoy. Handmade these are the ultimate creamy delicious hot chocolate drink.

Our Ms Flow candle this month is a sweet blend of juicy blackcurrant and earthy Sandalwood. Perfectly blended to uplift, to wind down or simply add an air of luxury to your surroundings. All our candles are soy based and non-toxic with no parabens, created using only high quality essential oils and natural scents. Remember are candles are available to buy on our website for only £4.

Augusts beauty treat is a Maybelline Colour Elixir Lip Gloss in the shade Nude illusion.  This beautiful lip lacquer is the perfect shade for all skin tones. Blend with lipsticks or liner, or worn alone. Colour Elixir give you the creamy feel of a softening balm with the shine of a high shine gloss. Perfect for everyday lips.

Our sweet treat this month is a delicious bar of Green and Blacks smooth Milk Chocolate. Rich in both cocoa and milk, Green and Blacks have created a grown-up milk chocolate that balances the intensity of the cocoa with the relative sweetness of the milk, creating a smooth creamy taste.

We hope you enjoyed your August Ms Flow parcels and have managed to get some much need rest and relaxation

Have an amazing September

Lots of love

Ms Flow


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  1. I love all these beauty products.I am interested to buy all these after reading your blog.Will surely check out these items in my nearest beauty stores.