2 August 2017

July 2017 Ms Flow Parcel

Hi Ladies

Hope you’ve all had an amazing July. Ours has been busy as always, filled with jugs of Pimms and gelato, we’ve definitely been making the most of all this summer sun.

Last month we started a best photo competition for our subscribers. We asked our ladies to post a picture of their Ms Flow boxes on Instagram tagging us #msflow for a chance to win their next box free.

Our June Box Winner was Reema Sheety. Who received her free July box. We’ll be announcing our July winner on the 3rd August on our Instagram, if you haven’t yet entered there’s still time, so get snapping.

For our July box we teamed up with some amazing brands to create a range of exceptional products, which are all organic, cruelty free and vegan friendly.

The hero of the bunch was a new brand we came across called Hair ‘O’. Revolutionising hair oil for the 21st century. Theses beautifully packaged oils are so versatile and gender friendly. The healthy hair variety featured in our July parcels is a blend of Olive oil and Tea Tree Oil. Together they create an antiseptic natural remedy that fights of bacteria, fungi and viruses helping to cleanse for a healthier soothed scalp allowing your hair to get stronger and shiner.

These hair oils can be used as pre-wash treatment before washing, left overnight for a deep nourishing treatment, even used to calm fly always on dry hair and if your feeling generous you can even share a little with your beardy friends as it makes for an amazing beard oil. A little really does go a long way.

These amazing hair oils come in 3 varieties, ‘Make It Grow’, ‘Make It Shine’ and ‘Make It Healthy’. Available on their website and at Superdrug for £19.99.

This month’s sweet treat was from an amazing brand called Jealous Sweets.

 We included their tangy sour worms in this month’s box to cater for the sour sweet addicts out there. These beautifully packaged sweets not only taste amazing but are also 100% vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. They are free from all artificial colours and flavourings. This amazing brand offer a variety of sweets all just as amazing as these. Be sure to check out their website.

We understand sour sweets aren’t for everyone so we also included a second sweet treat this month. A mint filled liquorice bar from Panda. Delicious Panda Mint Filled Liquorice bars are made with all-natural colours and flavours. 

They are the perfect combination of award winning original liquorice and a refreshing, creamy mint filled centre making a mouth-watering taste sensation that you are sure to enjoy. Available in all good health stores.

Our Ms Flow Candle this month was lightly scented with Jasmine and refreshing Grapefruit. Combined they create a relaxing pleasant aroma. 

All our candles a soy based and burn for up to 10 hours. Ideal for taking into the bath with you for a relaxing soak or burning in the evening while unwinding.

 Earth Kiss is a brand which had created a 100% natural bamboo tissue mask infused with clay, to deep clean your pores.
Higher testosterone levels around menstruation active the glands to create bacteria which leads to breakouts and inflammation.
These amazing masks are infused with Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Juniper to draw out any impurity and cleanse, purify and revitalise skin in minutes. Created using 85 plant micro nutrients, anti-inflammatory and naturally antiseptic, these masks help re-balance skin while also increasing energy and reliving stress and anxiety. All natural and so quick and easy to use.

Our featured tea this month is from Heath & Heather. An infusion of green tea and jasmine. Drink while burning our Ms Flow Jasmine & Grapefruit candle to really enhance the Jasmine scents.

Jasmine is known for its beautiful white flowers, a member of the olive family with a fragrance believed to promote calm and well-being. Delicate jasmine blossoms are expertly blended wit green tea leave for a floral fragrant tea to sooth the body and the mind.

The last product featured in our July box is a product from Cocowhite. A coconut oil for teeth pulling.

If you haven’t heard about oil pulling…where have you been hiding? The benefits of oil pulling are endless. The oil draws out toxins from your teeth and gums, curing tooth decay, bad breath inflammation, whitens teeth, boosts immune system and strengthens gums and jaw. Although it’s so beneficial it’s not always pleasant, a mouthful of solid coconut oil in your mouth takes some getting used to.

Cocowhite have revolutionised this age-old process and created a small easy to use sachet of coconut oil flavoured with fresh natural mint, making the experience so much more appealing and pleasant.

…I’ve been told this works wonders on a hangover. Drawing out traces of alcohol and toxins from your gums, leaving your refreshed with whiter cleaner teeth 😉

That concludes our review of our July Box. We can’t wait to tell you all about our August Box. If you haven’t signed up yet were currently offering 15% off for all new subscribers who use the code WELCOME15.

Remember you can also try our trial boxes available in on our online shop for only £10.

Have an amazing sunshine filled August.

Happy Periods


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  1. Who wouldn't want to have all this amazing stuff in just a box and that too for free! Such an amazing and great offer it is.