10 February 2017

January Ms Flow

Oh January

Happy first day of the month!

Finally, January is over! Is it me or has January felt like the longest month ever.
It’s been a confusing start to the year…Is Trump really the President? That wasn’t a bad dream, coming to terms with the fact that Brexit is happening! Does Dry January mean the whole of January? We weren’t quite sure ;) and why was Winona making those strange faces at the SAGS?

Through all the craziness we have never been more proud to be women. The Women’s March most definitely showed us and the world the power of women. The solidarity shown by women around the world has been so empowering and an inspiration to us all. #westandtogether

January's had its ups and down but we hope your January box helped you through it all.
Our first parcel of the year included some scrumptious treats.

Firstly, we featured a full size Zoella Le Fizz BathFizzer. Scented with sweet indulgent French macaroons. Perfect for relaxing those sore muscles after all the partying over the holiday period.

This month’s Ms Flow Candle was scented with tropical Gardenia. Gardenia symbolises love harmony and grace, just what you need around your home. The scent of gardenia is powerful, sensual and unashamedly feminine. Our Ms Flow candles are all soy based. 100% toxin free and burn for up to 10 hours.

This month’s sweet treats included delicious delicate butter biscuits from Border Biscuits who source ingredients from around the world to create the perfect butter biscuit in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Also in this month’s parcel, we had a full-size Nutella to go snack pack, get your Nutella hit on the go.

Our January tea was a delicious Pukka Detox Tea. Infused with a splash of sweet aniseed and crisp fennel, lush cardamom and liquorice root. Purity at its best. Shrug off the old and embrace the new

We also included a Clipper Instant Hot Chocolate sachet, this Luxurious rich smooth hot chocolate guaranteed to fulfil that inevitable chocolate craving.

We also included a relaxing Body Butter Bar from The Herb Garden. With soothing chamomile and lavender, this bar uses use high quality organic essential oils and in this case, German Chamomile which is a fantastic oil and rarely used in combination blends. This luscious bar can be used as a moisturiser on dry skin, or warmed between your hands to use the molten bar as a wonderful massage base.

Our January beauty gift was a Loreal Colour Riche Eye Colour Eyeliner Shadow Pencil in Smokey Taupe. Add soft shimmer to any look with this easy to use eye pencil.

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Have a lovely February

Happy Periods


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  1. Starting of the year with this parcel treat is just amazing. All the products are wonderful especially that sweet treat of butter biscuits and also body butter bar..I think I am a fan of butter products.looking forward for more parcels.!