16 September 2016

London Fashion Week 2016 - Bleeding Is Not Shameful

This fashion week Ms Flow is partnering up with Rein London an innovative fashion house, to work on an exciting new campaign alongside Time Of The Month the creators of organic cotton feminine hygiene products.
This fashion week were talking periods!

Bleeding Is Not Shameful

Long gone are the days when women had to sneak tampons up their sleeves rushing to the ladies praying they don’t drop them, no more scanning for a female cashier buying your tampons at the supermarket, no more smiling and pretending your fine when your cramps feel like you have a gremlin inside your uterus itching to get out. NO MORE!

This is 2016 we are strong busy pioneering women… we have no time to be ashamed.

Over 80% of all women suffer with symptoms of PMS. 50% of our population is female. Research carried out by the university College of London reveals that period pain can be as painful as a heart attack. Yet many of us feel to that asking for relief is to be less of a woman, we quietly bare the pain accept it as the norm and top up on the painkillers.

Well enough is enough
We are women hear us roar!

Join us and help us break period taboos! Lets get talking using #REINAgainstShame #NoShamePeriod #PeriodPioneers #MsFlow 

Rein London will be showcasing at Brewer Street Car Park for the next 5 days

Let’s spread the word share and tag all the amazing strong powerful women in your life.

To celebrate Ms Flow is offering all new subscriber an amazing 30% off your first Ms Flow parcel. Head on over to the website and use the code below:

Use Code – LFW30
Valid Until 20/09/16


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