13 August 2016

Ms Flow Chick Flicks

We could not include popcorn in our June Ms Flow parcel and not talk movies!

Is there really anything better than being cuddled up in your blanket sitting in your favourite spot on the sofa and watching a cheesy chick flick with a big bowl of popcorn? 

We at Ms Flow have been talking movies and decided to share our top 5 girly must see movies with you all... this quickly turned into our top 10!

So here it is...

10) The Proposal - Sandra Bullock plays the singly guarded pushy work driven boss who forces her young assistant Ryan Reynolds (Andrew Paxton) to marry her to avoid deportation, unaware that this means the 'couple' have to travel to Sitka, Alaska to meet the entire Paxton Family. A heart warming romance shows Sandra breaking down her walls and falling for Ryan. I mean who could refute Ryan Reynolds Charm. 

9) The Notebook - Heart warming, sappy tearjerker, a classic love story bound to make you laugh cry and dream you had a Noah aka Ryan Gosling of your very own. Worth watching for the Gosling-McAdams rain kiss alone

8) Legally Blond - Elle Woods Sorority girl studies up to follow her boyfriend to Harvard Law School, to  prove shes wife material, only to realise her own worth in the process. Smart girl, blond hair, pretty pink dresses and a whole lot of girl power.

7) Miss Congeniality - Gave a whole new meaning to kicking butt. How many women can go undercover as an FBI agent and be in a beauty pageant. Sandra Bullock plays Gracie the frumpy, dorky FBI agent transformed into a Ms America pageant contestant all while at the same time protecting everyone from terrorists, and most of all how can we forget the song 'you think i'm gorgeous'

6) The Devil Wears Prada - Meryl Steep, plays the demanding super scary high fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestley and make over queen Anne Hathaway, Andy, a graduate with dream, soon to be crushed by her new role as co-assistant to the dragon lady herself. Drama and high fashion, what more could we want.

5) 27 Dresses - We all wish we had 27 dresses that look nothing like the ones in this movie, This one gives the word 'bridesmaid' a hilariously horrendous new meaning. Always the bridesmaid never the bride, something us single girls can surely relate to. Katherine Heigl and James Marsden show us there's always light at the end of the tunnel. 

4) Bride wars - Best friends, both engaged,  both dream of getting married at the exclusive Ritz, only problem is there's only one date available. let the games begin. Misunderstandings lead to the once sweet brides being fixated on sabotaging the others big day. 

3) Sex and The City - A must for all fans of the show.  Finally Carries planning her 'Big' walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams. Cue the show stopping wedding dress and fun and games with BFF's Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

2) Bridget Jones Diary - We can all relate to Bridget Jones, the hopeless romantic and self loathing Bridget. We cant help but root for Bridget while shes decides between the perfect handsome gentleman Colin Firth, and Hugh Grant the foul mouthed arrogant sexy Hugh Grant. We hear theres a new Bridget Jones coming with a BABY! Cant wait!

... and finally on the top of all our list, could it be any other...

1) Mean Girls - Easily the most quotable movie ever. This cult classic looks at one of the most important relationships in every girls life, the one she has with her friends and frienemies and just plain enemies. Bitch fights, fashion makeovers, quotes we will use forever.

So there it is, after much debate, we finally agreed on our all time top 10. We would love for you to share some of your favs? 

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