17 June 2016

May 2016 Ms Flow Parcel

Hope you’ve all been enjoying the lovely sunshine we’ve been getting., because we sure have! We hope you were all been lucky enough to get your hands on our May Ms Flow box.
Last month’s box was packed to the rim with some lovely treats and surprised from some amazing brands.

We know periods can cause discomfort sleeping, finding that perfect sleeping position can somewhat seem impossible at times. Therefore, this month we included some Yogi Tea, Bedtime Tea in our parcels to help. This tea combines Valerian and organic Chamomile with Passionflower, to provide a soothing relaxing tea perfect to help relax you before bedtime. It definitely helped us helped us pass out and wake up feeling refreshed.

Bellepierre, is the fasted growing mineral make up company in the world. Bellepierre cosmetics are produced and manufactured using only natural and organic products that appeal to all skin types to create natural and pure application.

This month we included a full Bellepierre mineral shimmer powder in the shade Champagne for all our subscribers. The amazing mineral based mica powder is effortlessly versatile, it’s the perfect shade to blend in with other eye shadows colours for all skin tones.
It can also be used as an amazing highlighter. The powder glides softy on to skin and blends seamlessly creating an amazing glow that lasts.

The next tasty treat we included was a Fudge Kitchen – Double Trouble Chocolate Fudge slice. Fudge kitchen use only the finest ingredients and hand roll there fudge to create amazing depth and flavour. Double Trouble chocolate is a blend of luxurious dark chocolate fudge, and morsels of Belgian white chocolate swirls. The blend provides the taste of an amazing fudgy chocolate brownie so rich that a little definitely goes a long way. Guaranteed to satisfy those chocolate cravings.

Next up we included a delightful soap from The Milk Bar Soap Company. Scented with strawberries and marshmallows. Milk bar soaps are made in small batches in the south west of England. All their soaps are made with goats’ milk making them super moisturising for your skin. Not only that they are enriched with the most amazing scents.

Personally I suffer with very dry skin and I can never get away with using soaps. Every soap I’ve tried leaves my skin unbelievably tight and dry. I usually have to moisturise as soon as I get out the shower. However, after using the Milk Bar Soap for a week my skin was nourished and moisturised, I even forgot to moisturise after showering a few times because my skin felt great. Trust me when I say this stuff is a god send! I can-not wait to try more from there range.

This month’s box also included a Clipper Velvety Instant Hot Chocolate. This rich and luxurious instant hot chocolate is natural and fair trade. This easy to prepare hot chocolate can be made with hot milk to enhance the chocolatey flavours making this the ideal evening indulgent drink.

We also once again included a Cura-Heat pad in this month’s parcel to help with aches pains and cramps. These amazing heat pads provide 24 hours of soothing heat.

Hormonal changes during our periods can sometimes cause havoc with our skin, making its oilier, appear older and beak out in spots. Time bomb’s Take- Off Time Cleanse and Buff is perfect. Take Off Time is created using professional demalogica grade crystals that gently lifts away that clingy top layer of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth glowing skin. Unlike most cleansers it doesn’t contain drying surfactants or harsh detergents, so your skin is left moist and dewy.

Last but not least we included an exclusive Mediterranean Fig Ms Flow Soy based candle. All our candles are non-toxic soy based and burn for up to 10 hours. Each candle is highly scented with essential oils.

We really hope all our subscribers enjoyed the May Ms Flow parcel, and we hope we made your period a little more bearable. 

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