3 May 2016

April 2016 Ms Flow Parcel

April 2016 Ms Flow Parcel

We are so pleased to be showcasing our April 2016 Ms Flow parcel with you all. 
We wanted to share a quick review of all the products included and how our launch was received by our lovely subscriber

So lets get stuck in. 

Firstly all our subscribers received an essential supply of tampons and sanitary towels, according to there personal preferences. We have a range of different brands for them to select, in the absorbency they required.

Secondly they received a Ms Flow branded candle scented with Jasmine and Grapefruit

RRP £6

Ms Flow candles are of the highest quality. Created using natural soy wax and highly fragrant scents. Our soy based candles are clean burning, no toxins carcinogens or pollutants which means that they are less likely to trigger allergies. There is no petrol-carbon soot that you would get from a petroleum-based paraffin candle. They also burn a lot slower which means you get approx 10 hours of burn time with our Ms Flow votive candle. 

Our April Candle was scented lightly with relaxing Jasmine and refreshing grapefruit. The scents work together to provide a pleasant relaxing aroma. Ideal for taking into the bath with you for a relaxing soak or burning in the evening while unwinding. 

The third product in Aprils parcel was a full size Anatomicals - Shower to the People Lime Cleanser.

RRP £3
Anatomicals is a fun innovative brand that creates some lovely quirky products. We decided to include this full size lime shower gel cleanser not only because it leave skin feeling great but also because it smelt absolutely amazing. Its so zesty and invigorating, it instantly wakes up the senses, giving you that little boost of energy in the morning. we felt that we could all do with this little wake up call esp when its that time of the month. A little push to get us out of bed. 

Next we included a Cura-Heat pad for all of us that suffer with cramps and back pain.

RRP £3.65 (pack of 4)

We've always found these to be a godsend. Cura-Heat pads provide a gentle warming heat for up to 24 hours, soothing and relaxing muscles, helping relive cramps. These are ideal for days when we are on the move and cant carry our hot water bottles around with us.

We also included, some sweet treats to satisfy those craving. One of which was a Divine Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar

RRP £1.00
Divine chocolates are a fair-trade chocolate company, 44% of which is owned by cocoa farmers. They do some amazing work in local rural communities and provide cocoa farmers the chance to have a voice in the cocoa industry. 
There chocolates are made with the finest ingredients and taste absolutely amazing. This milk chocolate bar is truly divine with its velvety soft caramel centre, guaranteed to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Next we included a Gourmet Belgian chocolate handmade marshmallow melt from Bonny's Confectionery

RRP £1.50

These marshmallow treats can be devoured as they are or can be added to your coffee or hot chocolate to create a delicious creamy frothy flavoursome topping. Bonny's Confectionery is a innovative new company based in Wales, who create some amazing gourmet marshmallow treats. They have also been kind enough to offer our subscriber a 20% discount code on all there lovely products (Use code: bonny20)

We also included some lovely warming sweet teas in Aprils box.

Tea Forte - Oasis Silk Pyramid. Tea Forte is a global luxury tea brand. They create exceptional blends of exotic teas and are often found in high end boutique restaurants like London's Claridges and high end spas. These beautifully packaged silk tea pyramids a real treat. The delicious fresh green tea is amazing and we hope that all of our subscribers enjoyed it as much as we did.

RRP £36 per box

Yogi Tea - Woman's Balance. Yogi Tea is and ayurvedic based Indian tea company. They use the basis of ayurvedic healing teachings to create some fascinating blends of tea. This particular herbal blend has been created with woman as a focus. it uses ingredients to help aid relaxation and help balance out the natural rhythm of life. It filled with delightful raspberry and lemon undertones, a lovely light refreshing tea. 

RRP £2.35 per box
Last but most definitely not least we included a lovely Lord & Berry mate 20100 lipstick crayon in shade vertige.

RRP £10
Lord & Berry is boutique Italian fashion house devoted to empowering women worldwide through its fashion forward cosmetics. Creating premium products composed of the highest raw materials and finest hypo-allergenic ingredients. This matte lip crayon is unlike any other you may have tried its surprisingly nourishing and long lasting it has a velvet soft feel  yet doesn't take away from the matte look. The colour is highly pigmented and a shade guaranteed to put a spring in your step. who doesn't love a bright bold red lip. 

We have been really pleased with our launch and so pleased that our subscriber have been pleased with the products included in Aprils box.

We would love to hear your thoughts so please do share them below or email us on [email protected]

Ms Flow aims to always provide you with high quality products to help make your period a ease. 
We've worked just as hard to curate our May Ms Flow box and included some amazing treats inside just for you. So be sure to check it out.

Our May box is now available to be ordered on our website www.msflow.co.uk 

Until next time

Happy Periods




  1. Well this Ms Flow Parcel really looks interesting as it contains the shower gel, perfumed candels and much more. Any girl would love to receive such a parcel.

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